Is your Business Restricted

By Tracking Critical Data

In Excel?

Does Paperwork

Consume all your

Time and Resources?

Could your

Workflow Management

be Improved?


Outlined below you will find only a handful of the many advantages of a properly designed and implemented custom software and integrated hardware technology solution that will surely take your business to the next level. 

While paper checklists and forms can be convenient and a low cost option, they come at a greater cost to productivity and longevity. Easily lost, often requiring manual entry paper documents take up valuable space and time for organizations.

Excel can be a temporary reprieve from the paper shuffle although it is still plagued with issues, multiple users trying to access and update the same information, corrupt formulas and files giving bad data and difficult searches all can give the most experienced user a headache.

A dedicated database application can easily allow for multiple user entry without concern for users changing valuable data and formulas used to make business critical decisions. With format specific data entry fields, easily searchable content and smart, timely reporting you can get a clear picture of your business operations. The use of touchscreens, handhelds, barcoding and RFID all make data entry at the point of use easy and reliable. Being able to easily search historical data will help improve your company’s decision making abilities.

Your internally developed robust processes are what have made you successful, why change them to match canned software that was designed for a different company, product or even industry.  Picking and choosing modules could  end up leaving out important information or just costing you more for things you don’t use.

Custom software is developed to match the needs of your business and focuses on improving efficiency not changing what you do or reinventing the wheel. You will be able to update and modify fields on the fly as your processes improve not locked into what other companies are doing. Because your processes stay the same minimal training will be required to bring users up to speeds so they can focus on productivity and improving efficiency.

Do you ever wish you could be notified of out of tolerance situations, wish you could let someone else know a document or report is ready for their review without sending endless email chains. Workflow automation takes the data you collect and automates activities so your employees don’t have to while providing accountability through detailed transaction reporting so you know who completed the task and when. Automated reporting sends you business critical data as soon as it becomes available, no need to wait for manual data entry, compiling data from different sources or formatting charts and tables.

Enterprise management systems are designed to run large organizations but sometimes they forget about the importance of capturing your production data, quality data or safety forms to make your operations as efficient as your back office.

Custom software applications can be designed to fill this gap and integrate directly with some ERP systems so your Operations can see the big picture clearly with accurate and timely information from all sources. Perhaps you are working with a legacy ERP system that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, custom designed software can provide a unique hybrid approach to help modernize your operations while still providing a stable core to your business. 

Custom software and integrated hardware can give you a technical advantage over your competition. Off-the-shelf solutions may only level the playing field, in order to stand out and really wow your customers an advanced, well integrated technical solution can be the deal maker. By making your organization more efficient and cost effective you will help ensure the long term success of your business.