If you have a company that is still dependant on paper processes for much of your activity tracking, there’s a really good chance that your team produces stacks and literally pounds of paperwork a day.  The worst part of it all?  It costs you money to get value out of the paper.

With a paper based process, you drastically limit your options from the beginning.  Pick one piece of paper that your team uses regularly to conduct business.   Let’s step back a bit and think of all the people in your company that ends up touching that piece of paper.  First you had to get a copy of the blank paper – did the employee print it off from their email, or made a copy of a copy, because they don’t know where the original came from? If you’re ISO certified good luck keeping that as a controlled document.     So now that your employee has the blank page in hand, they need to fill it out. How much of the information did you already know?  Are you filling out basic client or customer contact information in a header?  Cross referencing some PO number as well?    Are you able to ensure the staff has filed out all required fields?    What about the customer experience while they wait for your staff to write all of this out?


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