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Our passion at Opid Technologies is to increase the value in companies with the right type of technology investments.   Here’s the strategies we use and some of the methods we implement to help companies in South Western Ontario optimize their business processes and find underutilised resources in their corporate structure.

Do you see something missing from the list below that would be helpful to other companies like yours?  Send me a suggestion and I’ll reply!


Project Planning Resources

Creating an RFP That Doesn’t Suck

So you need an RFP? You’ve been tasked to get your RFP document ready to send out to vendors. You’ve identified a major gap in your IT infrastructure, and you’ve got the budget set aside for what you want to accomplish. In this article, we are going to focus on the...

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Business Growth Resources

Legacy System Symptoms

These articles are more technical than our other material, and have a very narrow focus.

Desktop & Thick Client Data Entry Applications

What if someone was able to show you how to free up your staff time to do what they are really meant to do? Land more sales, produce more parts – let staff be productive instead of being busy! Just to be clear by legacy systems we mean old and antiquated not something...

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Are Your Staff Drowning in Paper Work?

If you have a company that is still dependant on paper processes for much of your activity tracking, there's a really good chance that your team produces stacks and literally pounds of paperwork a day.  The worst part of it all?  It costs you money to get value out of...

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Tracking Your Critical Data in Excel

How much does your company rely on Excel? And I don't mean rely in a passive sense like "we need it to open attachments". I mean storing business critical data in Excel. We’ve all been there... Hmm, these numbers don’t make sense - crap, it looks copying and pasting...

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Coming soon – articles on Cold Fusion, Filemaker, Classic ASP and more.  Want us to create content about your legacy system?  Drop me a line.