Long term projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes – just like our customers.   Whether you are tracking your customer’s life cycle from lead to sale, or looking for a dynamic reporting solution for your existing information systems we’ve got the experience to help.

Our focus is you are the expert in your domain, and we know our business.  Together we can make the tools that you need to succeed and improve your business, rather than merely getting by.

Past projects include Warehouse Management, Health and Wellness Customer Tracking, Funding Management, Accounting Integrations and more.

Delivery Hop

Delivery Hop is our SAAS (Software as a Service) offering that empowers companies with daily delivery trucks to plan and track their processes more effectively.   We’ve used GPS and GIS Mapping Technology to do route optimization, track calls to customers, place orders and track drivers during their day.

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Health and Wellness CRM

We worked closely with the client’s executive and marketing teams to design and develop the customer relation management and weight loss tracking web app to be used at their franchise and corporate store locations.

We reduced costs by seven figures annually compared to previously vendor provided system.   Thousands of weigh ins and body fat samples could be tracked easily and without additional costs incurred by the client. 

We created, designed and prototyped the Body Impedance Analysis device during the development and planning stages of the project.  We used the Arduino platform as a starting point and integrated our custom BIA measurement circuitry.  The design also integrated with a medical grade weigh scale to automatically read the client weight to be used in the calculations and stored in the CRM.

After sign off of the proof of concept sample devices, we worked closely with the customer to source and work with a manufacturer for the production units. The final arrangement had us co-designing the final hardware with a Toronto based manufacturer.   The final product was a custom circuit board that integrated the ATMEGA168 processor and BIA device into a standalone device with integrated USB Hub to allow simple installation and improved reliability.

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