Is your Business Restricted

By Tracking Critical Data

In Excel?

Is your Business Restricted

By Tracking Critical Data

In Excel?

Is your Business Restricted

By Tracking Critical Data

In Excel?

Most companies are burdened with Legacy Software Systems as major cost centres in their budget.

How do you ensure you’re effectively investing, instead of spending, in your IT Strategy?

Stop allowing technology to limit your enterprise’s profits by turning technical debt into stable information systems driven by optimized workflows.

How much money has your company wasted today because of your legacy system?

Likely more than you’d like to admit – and definitely more than your staff would be comfortable telling you.   
Your staff are likely still creating paperwork – wasn’t the system supposed to eliminate that?   And it’s not just their time that’s wasted filling out paperwork – but what you’re left with is static information.  If you want to get data out of your paperwork you pay for someone to sort through boxes and boxes.  You pay to store it and it’s effectively useless.
How about everything that’s still tracked outside of the system? Do you cringe when someone has to keep that crucial Excel document up to date?  Do you question the source of data that you use to make key decisions in your company?
How many times in the last year has your company been brought to a stalemate because of unplanned downtime and reactionary maintenance?

Have you heard this pitch before?

You’ve been promised a system that could do everything your company needed, but years later there are still gaps in functionality. Your staff are jumping through hoops in processes that could be automated or streamlined.
Your staff workflow has likely diverged from your legacy software system – unless your company hasn’t changed at all since you implemented it 8 years ago!  
You’re not sure exactly where it went off the rails, but what you’re left with is a shell of what your enterprise could be.
You need a solid plan to move forward and move ahead from your competition.  It’s time to trim the technology fat, reduce risk, and focus on what’s crucially holding your company back.
Here’s where I can help…

“When it comes to IT, we are spending more time keeping the lights on than thinking about strategic direction of the business”


Business Leaders Agree (and 77% of IT Leaders)

Together, we’ll create your Legacy Escape Plan

We’ll look into where your company is now, and what’s stopping it from getting to where you want it to be.
After our risk free intro call, we can discuss the specifics of moving forward.  Our Legacy Escape Plan costs $1295.   This includes our diagnostic questionnaire, a 2 hour inquiry session, and your customized 3 page actionable report.
Our deliverables are an actionable set of suggestions that you can use to show the rest of your executive team a way to transform your IT spending into IT investments.

Let's setup a time to chat

We pride ourselves on making sure we provide value, so before we register you for your Legacy Escape Session we have a quick intro call so we can learn a little about your company and ensure we are a good fit to move forward.

Not so fast… I’ve got a few questions!

Why can’t my IT team create this plan themselves?

They likely can! In fact we’ll use your team as an integral part of our Legacy Escape Planning process.  They know your system inside and out, what pains it causes and what they think will improve it.  
What we offer in addition to your team’s perspective is a fresh set of eyes on the problem set, combined with the experience from several industries, and the guidance to create a plan that satisfies all the stakeholders needs.   
Our fundamental difference is we focus on the ROI, which gives you a fiscally responsible project that your team get behind – or we’ll help you find the resources to do it.

What’s going to happen?

Our process is simple:

  1. We both sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  2. We’ll have our free 15 minute intro call to make sure we’re a good fit to work together.
  3. We’ll send you an Where You Are Diagnostic Questionnaire to fill out some high level cursory overview questions.  Things like infrastructure, corporate goals, etc.
  4. We’ll meet by Google Hangouts for our Inquiry Session with the key stakeholders and start to dig deep into your legacy system’s current state and any gaps that you want to discuss.
  5. A couple days later you’ll get a detailed Actionable Legacy Escape Plan Report with short term options and a long term plan, which we will walk through together in a follow up meeting.

Why should I throw more money at this problem?

You’re likely already spending a fortune either directly on the system through maintenance or indirectly with lost opportunity costs and wasted staff resources.   
Our goal is to help divert these costs into investments that provide results.  Results that help your business grow instead of hinder it.

This sounds expensive…

Investments are expensive – but you know what’s more expensive? Mistakes – and your return on investment for a mistake is $0.  
The goal of our Legacy Escape Plan session is to give you a solid understanding of the gaps in your systems and process, and how meet your goals in a solid manner.
Together we will investigate a few high level options that might make sense to dive deeper into a full project scope on.
In our larger projects we exclusively focus on an ROI.  That’s right – we won’t start programming until we know 100% that it makes sense for your company – after all you have a fiscal reputation to uphold.    
That might mean we start on a really small focused scope – but it will be a mundane detail that makes a difference in your bottom line as soon as possible.

Have a question that’s not covered?

Every company’s goals and values are different – we get that!  So if you need something clarified let’s have a quick 15 minute meeting together.   Setup a free 15 minute call to discuss.

What industry is this focused on?

It’s focused on your industry of course!  We are chameleons – show us your problems and  processes and we’ll figure it out the technical parts.
We’ve worked with a variety of companies from startups to manufacturers, from big 3 automotive service providers to health and wellness companies, laboratories, logistics, retail, human resources — the list goes on.
From a technology stack we have experience from Microsoft (ASP,, C#, Web and Desktop) to Java, Perl and everything in between.  We have database experience with everything from Postgres to MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Access — got a crazy Filemaker database? no problem we’ve dealt with that too.  
Our solutions typically involve a strong web based component (whether it’s internal application or customer facing).  Depending on business goals we’ve implemented web applications, created custom PCBs to collect data, embedded systems, android based barcode scanners, etc.  We look for compatibility and success within your company before we worry about technical restraints.
If we haven’t worked in your industry directly we look forward to the challenge! Drop me a line and tell us what makes your company unique.

What if you’re not satisfied with your Legacy Escape Plan?

We can’t promise 100% that our plan will work – after all you’re the domain expert in your field.    What we can promise is a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your plan – just let us know within five business days after we’ve delivered your report.  
That’s right we’ll refund all your Legacy Escape Plan fees!  
All that we ask is  and schedule a 30 minute call to debrief where things went wrong.   We’re a trust based technology company – if we dilute that trust in any way then we haven’t serviced your company properly and therefore don’t deserve the revenue.

Let's setup a time to chat

We pride ourselves on making sure we provide value, so before we register you for your Legacy Escape Session we have a quick intro call so we can learn a little about your company and ensure we are a good fit to move forward.

Who Am I?

I’m Ian Barton – a small town Canadian who likes to help companies implement technology solutions that make a difference.   
My consultancy Opid Technologies has helped save millions of dollars per year by focusing on clean user workflows that allows for trustworthy data driven decisions.   

Who is Opid Technologies?
We are small and devoted team that helps profitable enterprises turn their legacy software solutions into trustworthy information systems that foster sizeable business growth.
Often complex business systems are ridden with technical debt that cause high maintenance costs, have confusing user workflows, and make adding new features challenging.  By solving the key technical problems we begin the transformation that will turn your staff’s frustrations into increased productivity – optimizing your revenues.
We stayed focused so our projects have a maximum ROI of one year, but typically we are able to increase profits within a quarter.  Our development engagements are exclusively medium to long term partnerships allowing us to help manage continuous improvement within the enterprise.