What if someone was able to show you how to free up your staff time to do what they are really meant to do? Land more sales, produce more parts – let staff be productive instead of being busy!

Just to be clear by legacy systems we mean old and antiquated not something that you’re proud of and leaving it as a legacy to all the future management at your company.

If you haven’t reviewed your business processes compared to your information system in the last two years we’d bet that your staff are working around the system instead of working with it. Maybe that means there is data that is being tracked elsewhere, like their desktops, in shared drives or excel. Once that data is siloed, it’s basically lost on an island unless you’re paying staff to grab the data back and manually massage it so you get the statistics you need.

Let’s assume you have a Thick Client Desktop Application that is the main information system your team uses. It tracks your customers, leads, creates quotes, and tracks job completion. Your salespeople who are remote most of the time are forced to grab their laptop, get online, connect to the VPN, login to the desktop application, then finally look up the data.

It’s not convenient for them. Your team is going to use the most convenient method for them – which might mean they aren’t tracking things the way there were intended to. Your staff are going to be tracking that critical data dangerously and you’ve immediately lots visibility of that data.

With a desktop or thick client only application you are almost guaranteed to be wasting staff time. Projects that give better and more timely data entry methods have ROIs typically within six months.


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