We help profitable enterprises like yours create over $100,000 of additional annual value by revamping broken processes and legacy information systems.

Take 30 seconds – what’s your biggest fear?  What is holding your company back right now?


Now take 2 minutes – put your feet up on your desk and dream.  The biggest worry you have is now gone.  What could your company do with:

  • Higher Sales Volumes
  • More Efficient Staffing Resources
  • Live Reporting and Better Visibility
  • More Stress Free Days
  • More Time to Focus on your Core Business
  • Accurate Data
  • Automated Workflows
  • Confidence in your data and reports

What best describes your company?

Overrun With Manual Paper Processes?

You go through paper work like it’s going out of style.  When someone says “inbox” you immediately think about the overflowing paper in/out trays splattered around your office.

Are you paying salaries to type invoices based on field staff paperwork?  Are you digging through boxes of paper to find the data you need to report on?

Fiddling with Excel or Access?

Excel is great tool – but it’s not the right tool to track critically important business data.  How long are you waiting for an updated report each time you need data?

Are you 100% sure that all your formulas are tested and accurate?   How much are you paying staff to retype and analyse data that could be automated

Struggling with a Legacy System?

Ok great, so at least you have a solution currently in place – but it’s likely diverged from what you business goals are now compared to when you implemented it years ago.

You deserve a fresh approach that matches your real workflow, and gives you the data you need.

Who do we help?

Million Dollars of Value Created

I’m Ian Barton, the Founder of Opid Technologies – a bespoke technology consultancy.   We are passionate about helping companies succeed – whether that means we are doing custom software development, database design and optimization, circuit design, product prototyping, or just pointing your in the right direction with the best wordpress plugin to use.

We ideally work face to face with customers in South Western Ontario.  Our office is based out  of the awesome little town of Tillsonburg.   Our customers come from big cities like Toronto and London to villages that only have 1 stop sign.  Regardless of where you are from we want to make your bottom line look better.


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