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Your Business is Unique

Your customers, your workflow, your services – you are unique.   As partners in your success we’ll help you leverage what’s unique with a technology workflow that optimizes and allows you to focus on your core principles.

After all — if you were a cookie cutter, mom and pop, business you’d be able to track everything in Excel and without problems.

Data is King

Data drives your business, it drives your decisions and empowers your management.   By giving the data you depend on the care and attention it deserves you can succeed.   Our solutions give the visibility you need across siloed data sources.   We can give your staff the tools they need to become more productive and focus on value rather than pushing papers.

How important is your data?

Mobile Integration

Our mobile solutions let you track data from the source, pushing accountability and productivity back to your responsible staff.   Tracking workflows requires whatever set of tools make sense for your operations – handhelds,  barcodes, RFID or GPS – we make sure the mix is balanced to exactly what you need.

We help you by finding savings in your workflows while providing more value to your customers.

Who We Are

Opid Technologies is a custom software development company that provides solutions primarily to business and organizations in South Western Ontario. We strive to create custom solutions that work to streamline and assist with your existing business processes.  Our focus on web application development makes our solutions easy to deploy and even easier for customers to administer.  

We are serious about technology, and strive to implement solutions that make a difference.  Our solutions let you optimize your staff time, and leave the number crunching and report making to technology – letting you focus on your customers and clients.

Opid Technologies has operated for over 14 years providing consulting, programming services, design and information systems for companies across Canada and the United States.

Why are you unique?

Tell us what makes your business unique.  What in your workflows need to be transformed into a painless process?

We’d love to hear from you, and get to know you and your business.


Remote Support

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